• Primitive Interpretation of climate


Primitive Interpretation of climate

Our story of climate starts with the primitive interpretations of climate ie. an assortment of mythologies belonging to different cultures. While, now we can find out the weather forecast with just one click, something so seemingly ‘simple’ in our modern age, was considered to be a true wonder in our ancient past. The most plausible explanation of these wonderous anomalies or what we now call thunder or rain, was – Gods.

Almost every culture in the world has a ‘god of weather’ or ‘god of rain’. This makes the fact apparent that climate has been a mystery for all of us collectively.

Let’s learn about these mythologies and legends one by one!




Indra is the hindu god of Lightning, Thunder, Rains and River flows. He was believed to be the director of the skies and had the powers to bring forth thunder and rain at his will. Most farmers pray used to pray to him for his blessings especially during droughts so that he would grant them ample rain which would save their crops.



Even though Tansen was a real figure, his life is associated with many legends. Some of the most common ones describe his ability to create rain and fire by using only his musical skills. He was known to bring down rain by singing his famous raga- Megh Malhar.




He was the main deity associated with justice, honour, thunder, lightning, air, weather and sky. He also had control over the weather and could cause huge storms as well as heavy rains at will.




Thor is the norse god of thunder. He was believed to be the master of thunder and lightning, storm and rain, fair weather and crops. It is said that his hammer- Mjölnir, when swung, produced thunderstorms.


Yu Shi

yu shi

Yu Shi is a Chinese spirit or god of rain Translations of Yu Shi into English include “Lord of Rain” and “Leader of Rain”,u Shi in Chinese folk religion and Chinese mythology generally appears in association with Feng Bo, the god of the wind.


Now that we have explored the various legends of diverse cultures, it is only justice to modern science, to say that these ideas are scientifically impossible.

As technological advancements set in motion, humans started clearing up thier previous mythological beliefs, we started finding the reasons behind all the various natural phenomenons that shook us, with the developments in science.